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Coronavirus Update

In accordance with current government coronavirus guidance, our offices at Bourne House in Gomshall remain closed until further notice.

We continue to operate our business as normal, with staff working effectively from home.

If you would like to contact us during this period, please call the usual switchboard number on 01483 205890. This number will be attended between our office hours of 9am and 5pm. Outside these hours, or if all lines are busy, you will be diverted to voicemail. Please leave a short message with your contact details and we will return your call as soon as possible (the same day if you call during office hours, or the following day if you call after 5pm).

Please be aware that all direct dial numbers will now be diverted to the switchboard rather than individual team members.

If you would prefer to email us, please continue to do so via the existing email address of your usual Omnium Wealth contact. Alternatively, please click here to email us with a general enquiry. Emails to this address will be monitored during office hours by administrative staff. Please do not include any sensitive information within your email but do provide a phone number if you would like us to call you back.

We continue to collect and distribute post sent to our office, but are unable to do so every day; if you send something to us in the post, please allow more time than usual for a response.

We wish to assure you that we are doing everything we can to provide you with the high levels of service that you expect from Omnium Wealth during these unprecedented times.

Updated: 23 October 2020

Omnium Wealth Management launches exciting new model portfolio service

We are excited to announce the launch of our new discretionary model portfolio service, powered by Quartet Capital Partners.

Our new Dynamic Portfolios have been designed to enable us to be more agile, reacting more quickly to market changes, while the service is further enhanced by Quartet’s excellent research capabilities, which we are confident will strengthen the investment returns of our new portfolios. And, all at no additional cost to our clients.

For more information on our new service and how it could benefit you, watch our video below...

About Us

Established in 2002 and employing a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants, Omnium Wealth is a wholly independent and privately owned financial planning business providing a structured investment strategy for individuals and their families.

We take the time to fully understand your needs and wishes, to help formulate a long term investment strategy, with the aim of maximising the opportunity to achieve your goals, without exposing you to unnecessary risk.

We take the stress out of your financial planning, but with real-time online access to your investments, ensure you know what is happening as often as you choose. Our approach allows you to focus on your career, family and future, while we take care of the details; minimising tax liabilities, protecting those closest to you but, most importantly, giving you the peace of mind to relax and enjoy what you have now..

Our Services

We firmly believe that personal service and best advice go hand in hand and a fundamental tenet of our business is that our consultants strive to become your trusted adviser on all matters financial.

We begin the process by clearly establishing your attitude to risk which then enables us to determine the mix of assets that should be held in your investment portfolio. Utilising market leading analytical tools and online solutions we are able to actively monitor your entire investment portfolio to ensure that it continues to meet your objectives long-term and where necessary make expedient changes.

You can see your investment performance whenever you want online and you are kept fully informed via regular reviews with your consultant, monthly newsletter updates and periodic seminars and other client events.

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Meet Ross Butters, MD of Omnium Wealth Management

Understanding how a team of financial planners work with their clients and feeling a sense of trust that you'll be receiving truly objective investment advice from them can be difficult. That's why we've asked Ross Butters some of the questions we think clients want to know:

  • Section 1: The role of face-to-face financial advice

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  • Do you believe personal advice appeals more to the older generation and, therefore, the era of people selling financial advice to other people is coming to an end?

    It’s true that millennials are likely to be more inclined towards new technology, but not on something as important as financial planning. The vast majority are not going to rely on an algorithm, no matter how clever it is, because they want explanations before making important decisions. 

    At the moment, it is the so-called ‘baby-boomers’ who have all the money, but as today’s millennials go through life and start to realise the need to build up capital for their retirement they will arrive at the same destination. The difference is that this next generation will have the benefit, not just of technological change, but of more product choice, more investment avenues and more distribution channels. If anything, I believe there will be a greater need for face-to-face advice.

  • Will technology, or robo advice as it’s known, replace face-to-face and be a threat to your business?

    My own view is that robo advice and face-to-face contact can sit happily alongside each other. With something like a pension, for example, people need to talk to someone who they trust and who they regard as qualified – they need the interaction to convince them that they are doing the right thing.

    That said, the industry needs new technology to help us with compliance as the rules and regulations constantly change. No one can afford to be complacent. We should embrace technology for the right reasons so that it becomes complementary rather than a substitute or threat.

  • Has the internet made your life more difficult – everyone’s become an expert on everything?

    Some clients have a very active interest in their investments and, because of the internet, they are able constantly to challenge us on the short-term value of their assets. For me, the better way is to relax and think longer term. However, our clients have access to an online platform that enables them to view their portfolios any time of the day or night, which is of great benefit to many

  • Section 2: How we work at Omnium

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  • Does Omnium Wealth Management aim at any particular type of customer?

    The straight answer is ‘no’. We have clients who are retired City bankers and others who are country farmers – they come from all walks of life. It is not about occupation, age or geographic location, or even wealth, because there are common themes and requirements across all types. However, the reality is that people are unlikely to come to Omnium if they have an estate worth less than £100k because they would be unable to enjoy the main benefits of our full service. Most of our clients have estates worth in the region of £300k.

  • What sets Omnium Wealth aside from its competitors?

    There is no USP that I can put into a few words. Everything we do at Omnium starts with being client-centric – it is why client referrals are consistently the major source of new business. It explains why we have the quality of long-standing clients we do and also the quality of people we have servicing those clients. Many of our advisers have established bonds with their clients that are closer than they have with either their accountant and solicitor – we become key to their lives. However, we are not the cheapest in the market. Some people are focused on cost, while others – typically our clients – focus on the things that really matter, such as risk, objectives, goals and quality of service.

  • Do clients judge you on the basis of the financial return on their investments, or on your personal service?

    Some clients will judge us on our investment performance, but, where this occurs, I judge that as a failure on our part to get across the message about the value of good financial planning.

    We are not pure investment managers and we should not be judged as such; we concentrate on objectives and goals to fit a person’s circumstances and aspirations. The media makes it relatively easy to compare investment performance, but Omnium’s typical clients also place a value on relationship and quality of service. For us and the majority of our clients, planning and meeting objectives works best.

  • Why do clients stay with you?

    Most clients stay with us because of personal relationship – they trust us implicitly and value our advice, knowing it’s based on a real understanding of them and their objectives.

  • What makes a successful relationship between a client and wealth management firm?

    Trust, which stems from clarity of service and charging. Quite simply, we agree with our clients what we’re going to do, then do it and let them know when its done!

  • How does it work when a client comes on board with you?

    We regard the first meeting as exploratory; does the client fit with the way Omnium works with its clients, do they understand the value of setting objectives and of establishing a risk profile?  At this stage a prospective client merely needs to present themselves at the meeting because it is all about them.

    We would ask that the client fills in a risk questionnaire and provides us with a summary of assets/liabilities and income/outgoings. We would also ask routine questions relating to the existence of any Will, details of family solicitors and accountants and whether there are any existing powers of attorney. We would typically follow this first meeting with a proposal setting out what we think we can do and what it will cost. We will charge a fee for preparing an initial report and agree further meetings, according to the complexity of the client’s financial affairs. Clients are made fully aware of charges at every stage

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  • "Gerry Baker always gives sound advice and it is good to deal with him. I also trust his judgement, which cannot be said about all professional advisers"

    Mr Phillip Green, private client

  • "The service and advice we receive from Oliver Chick more than meets our expectations. He is a pleasure to deal with."

    Mr Malcolm Joseph, private client

  • "We receive trusted and decent advice with confidence and without flannel, which suits us very well and we are very happy with the returns on all financial goals discussed. We are always fully informed about options available to us as well as being offered choices at appropriate points without being pestered. If only all services could find this perfect balance."

    Tony and Joy Phillips, private clients

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