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A study* found that almost half (45%) of adults working in the UK are not putting enough aside for a comfortable retirement.

While 39% of respondents believed they would be able to plan for retirement if they knew now the level of income they were likely to need.

At Omnium Wealth, we know that retirement can sometimes feel a long way off but, the decisions and actions you take now, can really help you achieve the type of retirement you would like, when you want it.

Using tried and tested cash-flow forecasting, we can show you a lifetime projection of your income, assets and expenditure. Marrying that projection with a long-term investment strategy and detailed pension planning we can give you a clear picture of when you you’ll be able to achieve the retirement you envisage and any changes you need to make now, or in the future, to ensure that retirement becomes your reality.

*Source: Scottish Widows Retirement Reports 2016 and 2018

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